Sky Express Launches A-B Logistics with Rukky Express

Sky Express has announced it will be launching a logistics business to provide the high-value transport service for international passengers from Melbourne to Perth.

The company is set to become Australia’s first private company to offer a high-volume, high-margin high-efficiency logistics service.

The Australian company’s new logistics business will provide high-quality and high-return delivery services to the major Australian cities.

It is the first of its kind to deliver direct to customers on its own platform and will be able to supply services to a range of international destinations.

“This will be a really significant new opportunity for us,” Sky Express chief executive officer John Lipp said.

“We will be providing the high volume, high volume services that our customers have been wanting for a long time.”

Mr Lipp says the company is looking at offering its services to as many as 300 destinations, including more than 40 cities in Australia, the US and Europe.

“In some cases, our services may be the only service we can provide,” he said.

He says the new logistics service will be one of the first companies to operate on its platform.

“Our business model will be very similar to what our customers are accustomed to,” Mr Lipp explained.

“As we grow and expand our service to more destinations, we will provide a much more comprehensive service.”

He said Sky Express will be offering a range to its customers and the business will be focussed on delivering high-end, high quality and high return products to international destinations, where its customers have long travelled.

“A lot of the products that we’re delivering are going to be quite specialised,” Mr Mowbray said.

“So we have some very unique and specialised products that are being delivered to the markets we’re going to serve.”

The company has been operating under the brand name RUKKY Express for about three years.

“It’s a new brand and we want to bring something new to the market,” Mr Bancroft said.

Mr Liddell says the launch is a big step for the company.

“The logistics industry is going through a renaissance, but in many ways we have to look at the same things that we have always been looking at and the same markets we have ever been serving,” he explained.

The company will operate on a fixed-price model and customers will be paid per delivery.

It has already received $1.4 million in government funding from the Government.

Mr Bancrot said he was excited about the prospect of working with Sky Express to provide high volume logistics services.

“I think it’s a very exciting time for the industry and I’m sure it will bring us new customers and new opportunities for us to grow,” he added.


Sky Express has announced it will be launching a logistics business to provide the high-value transport service for international passengers…