Why we have an Instagram post of my dog with a red sign in the middle

An Instagram post about my dog.

My dogs.

My friends.

The post is so cute and I love it.

It’s a simple image that says, “I love dogs.

I like to play with them.”

And, of course, it’s adorable.

The only thing missing is a caption.

This is what happens when you make an Instagram photo of a dog with its head and body covered. 

But if you think that’s weird, you’re wrong.

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the most bizarre Instagram photos of dogs and explain why they’re so out there.

We will also talk about why some people like them and others don’t. 

And if you are interested in learning more about Instagram, you can read about why I love Instagram. 

We have a few more posts planned for this month, so stay tuned. 

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It’s a great read for new and experienced dog owners alike. 

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An Instagram post about my dog.My dogs.My friends.The post is so cute and I love it.It’s a simple image that…