Why the West needs to invest in freight rail to bring down its COVID-19 costs

BPM Express, one of the biggest and most profitable freight companies in the world, is considering an ambitious plan to develop rail links between Israel and the West Bank in an attempt to reduce COVID infections.

The firm announced on Thursday that it had formed a new company to manage the freight and logistics of freight shipments between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories.

The plan, to be called BPM Energie, will use existing rail networks in Israel, the Westbank and the Gaza Strip.BPM Etergie, which will have a board of directors made up of three Palestinians, will also take over some of the operations of a large shipping company, including the shipping of cargo from the West bank to the Gaza strip.

The company’s chief executive, Amir Khoury, said BPM will invest in modernizing and expanding the company’s services, including by using the latest technology.

Khoury said the company will start construction of the new terminal in Beit She’an, a town in the WestBank that is home to the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

He said the project is being designed with the goal of allowing BPM to serve more than 1 million passengers per day by 2020.

He also said the terminal will serve as a “bridge” between Israel’s West Bank settlements and Gaza.

Israel has been one of BPM’s largest customers.

BPM is one of several companies that have begun to operate in Israel after the start of the pandemic.

The number of BMP customers has grown from a few hundred in 2015 to nearly 3,000 today.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has a separate agreement with the international company, and has offered to purchase the terminal.

But the Palestinian Authority is not the only country that is considering building its own rail link to Israel.

Several countries in Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands and France, are also considering expanding their freight rail services.

A report from the European Union (EU) on Thursday said that, as of May 1, the EU had invested €500 million in its freight rail infrastructure and that more than €1 billion was needed to keep the industry afloat.

In 2016, the European Commission launched a new funding package for freight rail projects, including rail lines, airports and other infrastructure.

But BPM has yet to commit to any of the projects.

The project is in its infancy, but it could be operational in the near future.

BPM Express, one of the biggest and most profitable freight companies in the world, is considering an ambitious plan to…