Why are American Express Express’s shipping costs so high?

ExpressJet is a global logistics giant that operates the world’s largest fleet of express planes and ships.

But lately, the carrier’s shipping prices have come under fire from customers who say that the airline has been charging too much for the service it provides.

ExpressJet, which recently became the second-biggest US carrier, said on Wednesday that it is increasing its cost of its express shipping to the US and Europe from $9.95 per 100 pounds (35.9 kg) to $10.95 for every 100 pounds ($37.7 kg).

The price increase will apply to all orders that exceed a certain size, ExpressJet said in a blog post.

The airline said that its pricing strategy is “based on our ability to offer more competitive and affordable rates, while keeping prices affordable for customers in the US, Canada, and Europe.”

US customers are already getting some relief from the airline’s rising shipping prices, according to US News & World Report, which cited a survey of airline customers.

It found that American Express customers have received the lowest rate for their ExpressJet tickets since the start of the year, which was about $9, a 10.4 percent drop from the previous year.

According to US Airways, which is owned by American Express, the company’s ExpressJet fares are still cheaper than those from other carriers.

American Express said in an email that the new rate increase will be applied to ExpressJet customers traveling on the same itinerary from a new base point in the United States.

It said that the “new base point” will be the city where the customer booked the ticket.

The new price change will apply only to Express Jet tickets booked in the last 24 hours.

The carrier said it will apply the change to all ExpressJet and American Express tickets booked from a single point within the US from Friday, November 19 through Monday, November 21.

The American Express price increase comes after the airline said it would lower the prices of its flights to the United Kingdom and Ireland from November 21 through March 28.

That will affect some people in those countries who purchased ExpressJet flights on ExpressJet.com and Air India.

ExpressJet is a global logistics giant that operates the world’s largest fleet of express planes and ships.But lately, the carrier’s…