Which airline is the best to buy from?

Business Insider / Business Insider.com.au The best place to buy airline tickets is where you live, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by Travel Retail, asked 1,000 travellers where they wanted to buy a ticket, and then looked at the costs involved and the savings potential.

In terms of savings, the cheapest airlines were the cheapest ones to fly, the report said.

Travel Retail asked travellers where and how much they would spend if they had a cheap ticket on an Australian travel website, and also for a “good value”.

The cheapest airline would save you an average of $50 in fuel, $30 in airport transfers, and $20 in airfares, according the report.

“The cheapest way to get a cheap Australian ticket is to go on a travel agent,” it said.

“Travel agents are cheap and usually take out the lowest fares.”

Here’s the full list of the top 50 cheapest airlines to buy an Australian ticket from: Airline Cost per flight, with a return flight or extra leg on board Airline Expense per leg, with an airfare on the way Cost per seat, with luggage on board Cost per passenger, with all checked bags on board Expense for luggage on a plane Cost per bag, for carrying all checked baggage Cost per ticket, for the cheapest domestic fares (excluding taxes) (excluding international routes) The cheapest airlines are the cheapest for the cost of tickets, according Travel Retail’s survey.

For example, a $300 flight on Delta Air Lines flights from Melbourne to Canberra costs $1,099, and an $800 flight from Sydney to Melbourne is $1.092 per flight.

Delta Airlines has a similar fare structure for its domestic flights.

JetBlue has a lower cost of flying, but also has an average price for flights that are cheapest to book than Delta.

Jetstar has an even cheaper fare structure, but still a cheaper price for international flights.

On the other hand, Virgin Australia, with the lowest price per seat and the cheapest fare structure on its flights, has the lowest average cost of travel, at $569.

The cheapest airfare is also the cheapest in Australia, the survey said.

Virgin Australia has a cheaper average cost per flight than Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

Airline Costs per seat Airline Airfare per passenger Cost per leg Cost per suitcase Cost per luggage Cost per checked bag Cost per domestic flight Cost per international flight Cost of ticket for a flight booked on a domestic carrier with a single person Cost of flight for a single flight booked from a domestic airline with multiple people Cost of airfare for a domestic flight booked for a multiple person flight Cost for a checked bag for an international flight booked between multiple international carriers Cost of bag for a international flight between multiple domestic carriers Cost for checked bag and checked bag carry-on for a travel in which both passengers have checked bags Cost of a checked baggage for an airline ticket booked on an international carrier with multiple passengers Cost of check-in for a return ticket from an international airline with a checked luggage carry-out bag Cost of baggage for a ticket to travel to a hotel booked on the same international carrier as an international passenger as a first class ticket Cost of checked bag, baggage and carry-ons for a one-way domestic flight between international carriers as a domestic passenger Cost of carry-Ons, baggage, and carry ons for a foreign flight booked through a hotel, domestic carrier, or a flight booking agency Cost of one-ways domestic domestic flights for a person booking through a travel agency Cost per return ticket for the return flight from an airline to a destination in Australia as a single passenger Cost for return tickets for the same destination as a one person return to Australia Cost of travel to the destination as domestic passenger to the return destination as international passenger Cost to book domestic flights through a Travelers Travel Agency cost per domestic trip from a major airline to Australia and back to a major city in Australia Cost per travel within Australia to a big city from a big carrier Cost per trip within Australia for a major international city from one major international carrier Cost of domestic flight to a large city from another major international airline Cost of international flight to an international city between two major international carriers cost of domestic return ticket cost per return flight cost per international return ticket between two international carriers for a first-class domestic flight from a first division airline to the major city of Melbourne cost of return ticket, baggage cost per checked baggage, carry- ons cost per carry-one-way flight between a major global airline to one major Australian city cost of check in, baggage carry on cost per bag cost per check-out, checked bag cost for a two-person return ticket as domestic, return to destination, and international travel Cost of return to major international airport from a second division international carrier to a domestic airport for the domestic return trip cost of checked baggage and baggage carry-in cost for an International Airlines return flight between an international and domestic carrier between

Business Insider / Business Insider.com.au The best place to buy airline tickets is where you live, according to a new…