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POLITICO New York — An Aps Express logistics express has left the U.S. for India, after being delivered to the U of A’s logistics centre in India, a company spokeswoman said.

The company said Friday that the delivery had been delayed due to a safety incident, but it was expected to be back in the U at a later date.

The Aps is one of the largest logistics companies in the world and has a fleet of more than 500 ships, a logistics network of about 5,500 cargo vessels and a logistics base in Dubai.

Aps declined to provide further details about the safety incident.

An APS spokesperson said in an email that the company was not able to provide additional details about when the service would return.

The airline has more than 70 international routes to destinations in North America, Europe and the Middle East, including Dubai.

Read more: Aptech CEO says global supply chain will remain unchanged despite Trump’s withdrawal, says he’ll ‘never leave’ source Politico article The Trump administration is set to withdraw the U-Haul container service from the United States, but Aps has said it will stay.

It’s a sign of how quickly the Trump administration, after months of criticism, is moving to revive the industry.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it would consider scrapping the Aps and other similar shipping companies that it has criticized for failing to pay fees to the United Nations and other international agencies.

The U-haul, which has been operating in the United Kingdom and other European countries, had also faced a $9 billion price tag in the past few years.

Aps Express, the UHaul of the world, has been a boon for the industry as it’s allowed a smaller crew to deliver goods from the U and its Caribbean and Asia hubs.

But the Trump Administration has pushed to eliminate those fees, which have helped the company.

In recent months, Aps had faced pressure to drop its U-haul services.

Earlier this month, the Trump White House announced that the Trump Department of Transportation was pulling the U hauls from its list of transportation-related tax credits that it had been using to help the industry meet its goals.

U-haul has also been targeted by the Trump Transportation Department, which said it has asked for the removal of all U-trails from the agency’s list of federal tax credits, saying they are not required by law to be used for U-Trails.

The administration said it was removing the U haulers from the list of federally supported transportation transportation companies, meaning the Uhauls could no longer be reimbursed.

“We will not be using U-Lhaul as a subsidy,” a Trump Administration official said at the time.

After the Apteca, the global logistics company that has a U-lift fleet of about 500 ships and a fleet that includes the Ams, Aptes has said the Uhaul services are a “very valuable piece of the logistics industry” and will remain in the country, even if it is phased out.

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POLITICO New York — An Aps Express logistics express has left the U.S. for India, after being delivered to the…