A look at the top 25 airports in the world, according to the World Airport Directory


United States – $846,917 per capitaSource: United States Department of Transportation/United States GovernmentThe United States has the highest per capita gross domestic product in the World.

It is the fifth-largest economy in the entire world, and second-largest in Asia and Africa.

Its GDP is estimated to reach $842 billion by 2020.

The country is ranked first for a number of reasons, but its top spot goes to its location at the intersection of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

United is the world’s sixth-largest airport, and is also the largest by passenger traffic.

United has a fleet of 747s, Boeing 737s, and 737 MAXs.

United’s domestic flights to destinations in the United States account for more than half of the total international traffic.

It also has a large number of international charter flights.

Other than its domestic service, United also operates international services in the Middle East and Africa, and the United Kingdom.


Japan – $815,743 per capitaAccording to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the country has the third-highest GDP per capita among major industrialized nations.

Its annual gross domestic output is estimated at $1,089,918, according the Ministry.

The Japanese also rank among the world leaders in their area of interest, aviation, which includes air navigation, navigation, aviation systems, and aerospace.

The government also has an aviation department.

Japan also is home to some of the worlds most advanced cruise ships, as well as the world headquarters for the World Trade Organization.

Japan has also emerged as a leader in the area of energy efficiency, and it is ranked fourth in the global rankings for the efficiency of its air traffic.

10, South Korea – $741,955 per capitaThe largest economy in South Korea, the South Korean economy is growing steadily, while the economy is also seeing its overall productivity increase.

South Korea’s GDP is projected to reach over $739 billion by 2021.

South Koreans have the fifth largest economy by population in the region, and its overall GDP per head is estimated around $20,000.

South Korean airports are also home to the country’s first air traffic control tower.

In addition to its domestic and international routes, South Koreans also have the countrys first-ever international flight from a domestic airport to an international terminal.

South Koreas economic growth is also on the rise, with its GDP expected to reach around $1 trillion by 2020, according International Monetary Fund.

The most popular tourist destination in South Kore as well, is the Blue House, which is home for the president.

South Africa is ranked 10th in the list of countries with the highest GDP per person, and ranks first for transportation as well.

The African country has one of the largest number of airports in Africa, with two-thirds of the airports in South Africa located within the country.


China – $783,737 per capitaChina has been ranked among the most populous countries in the 21st century, and has an average population of around 8.4 million people, according Toomuchang Bank.

China’s GDP per inhabitant is estimated in the $1.4 trillion range.

China is ranked among South Koreas most developed countries, as it has the world third-largest private sector.

It has the second-highest percentage of companies with more than 10,000 employees.

The Chinese government has also been a leader on environmental issues, with more people employed in the private sector than any other nation in the country, according a report by the Beijing University of International Business.

9, India – $787,739 per capitaIndia ranks as the second most populous country in the Indian subcontinent, after Bangladesh.

It comes in at number 9 on the World’s most populous continent, according TOOMuchang.

India has the sixth-highest population of the top 20 countries in terms of population.

Its average GDP per adult is estimated as $7,937, according India’s Ministry of Finance.

It ranks eighth in the number of countries where it has been named one of top 10 destinations in terms on business opportunities.


United Kingdom – $771,869 per capitaBritain is the fourth-largest country in Europe, and sits at the junction of two oceans.

The United Kingdom has a population of over 2.8 million people.

Its total GDP is calculated to be in the neighborhood of $1 billion.

The UK is ranked as one of Asia’s largest economies by per capita GDP, with an estimated GDP per household of $8,764, according Business Insider.

The U.K. is home country to the largest fleet of aircraft in the European Union, as they fly over some of Europe’s busiest airports.

The number of aircraft carriers in the U.k. is estimated between 1,000 and 2,000, according British Royal Navy.

8, Germany – $767,933 per capita

10.United States – $846,917 per capitaSource: United States Department of Transportation/United States GovernmentThe United States has the highest per capita…